Wireshark Badge Program – Your Pathway to Network Analysis Expertise

The Wireshark Badge Program offers an in-depth understanding of network security and analysis. Participants will learn to use Wireshark for identifying and mitigating cyber risks, enhancing network security against Zero-Day Attacks.


The Wireshark Badge opens the door to mastering the open-source Wireshark network protocol analyzer. This is a tool that has over 1.5 million downloads each month. It is your gateway to network analysis and security expertise. No longer do we have to pay $20k or more for an analyzer for which training to gain ROI was a common way to learn. Because Wireshark is free, training is no longer attached to the tool. Every company in the world uses Wireshark, and now there is a professional way to gain skill assessments for the purpose of troubleshooting and securing the world’s systems.


  • Basic proficiency in network analyzer protocol concepts. Tutorials help bring candidates up to speed fast with assessments along the way to anchor learning.
  • Familiarity with network analysis techniques and a desire to know where to gather packets.
  • Comfort using Wireshark on Apple, Linux or Windows systems.

Study Materials

  • Resources from the Wireshark Foundation and program materials collected from a variety of experts.

The Wireshark Certification is your key to mastering the renowned open-source Wireshark network protocol analyzer. Wireshark is an industry staple with over 1.5 million downloads each month.

Our certification program equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel in network troubleshooting and security analysis.

Who Should Enroll

  • Computer professionals seeking in-depth knowledge.
  • IT students aiming for TCP/IP mastery.
  • IT and network engineers looking to bolster their expertise.

Key Benefits

  • Gain expert knowledge in analyzing and securing network traffic.
  • Learn to navigate and utilize Wireshark for cybersecurity.
  • Enhance your professional standing with a globally recognized Badge.