The TCP-QUIC Certification encompasses advanced analysis and training on the established TCP/IP Protocol case studies and the newer QUIC Protocol. While TCP/IP is vital for reliable data transmission on the internet, QUIC, comprising nearly 50 percent of internet traffic, offers advancements like 5G speed compatibility and enhanced mobile connectivity. TCP-QUIC certification provides a holistic understanding of both protocols, emphasizing the technological progress of QUIC and its security challenges, which are crucial for professionals in internet traffic management and cybersecurity.

Embark on a journey with our TCP-QUIC Badge, a comprehensive guide to understanding, testing, and troubleshooting the innovative QUIC protocol. This course is designed for those looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of Internet communication.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the Need for QUIC: Discover why the Internet requires a new protocol beyond the traditional TCP, which has been the backbone of Internet communication for over four decades.
  • Securing and Transporting Traffic with QUIC: Dive into how QUIC enhances security and efficiency in data transmission, wrapping multiple transactions in a robust encryption state.
  • Testing and Validating QUIC: Gain practical skills in verifying QUIC support in networks and servers, an essential aspect in today’s internet environment.

Benefits of the TCP-QUIC Badge

  • Enhanced Security Knowledge: Learn about QUIC’s encryption model, which is crucial for safeguarding communications, especially when using the public Internet. QUIC has some new concerns for security professionals due to it’s blinding of firewalls and getting past Data Loss Prevention DLP Systems.
  • Adaptability in Networking: Understand the shift from traditional TCP to a more flexible, application-centric transport model.
  • Practical Troubleshooting Skills: Acquire the skills to analyze and address issues in QUIC-based applications. This is a skillset increasingly in demand as companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube adopt QUIC. Linux OS and Microsoft Servers are rapidly transitioning to QUIC making it essential to learn about its operation, features and security concerns.
  • Future-Ready Expertise: Position yourself at the forefront of internet technology, understanding the trend towards integrated, application-specific transport services.

This course is about embracing the shift in Internet communication paradigms from platform-dependency to application-driven services.

Join us today to master the skills needed in a world where QUIC is becoming the standard for internet giants.