Our Legacy NetAnalyst Certification

The NetAnalyst Certification has been the gateway to becoming a proficient network analyst. It equipped over 3,500 over 25 years with the skills needed to analyze, troubleshoot, and secure networks effectively. Many top CIO’s, security and network architects have benefited from the program. 

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Our legacy: 3500 Certified NetAnalysts

The Net Analyst Certification, with its long history, is a prestigious credential in networking and cybersecurity. This certification is a recognition of the invaluable contributions made by our Certified NetAnalysts in the field of cybersecurity over the past 25 years.

NetAnalyst professionals are the bedrock of our Certified Enterprise initiative. With a formidable cluster of over 3,500 Certified Net Analysts, we are now transitioning this well-established program into Certified Enterprise. While we are not enrolling new Certified NetAnalysts, the existing ones are provided with the opportunity to transition to Certified Enterprise NetAnalyst Badge and maintain their skills.

For more than three decades, the Certified NetAnalyst program has played a pivotal role in cybersecurity education, equipping nearly 50,000 individuals across 27 countries.

The program encompasses certifications in Cross-Technology Architecture and Security Forensics, solidifying our dedication to community growth and maintaining standards of excellence.