Colonel David Wills: A Journey of Military Excellence and Strategic Leadership

Colonel David Wills

Colonel David Wills

Colonel (COL) David Wills, retired from the U.S. Army in 2021 after serving as the Deputy Director for C4 Systems at USSTRATCOM since 2015. His distinguished career emphasized military excellence and strategic leadership, overseeing global-integrated C4 systems for missions ranging from strategic decision-making to nuclear, global strike, space, and cyberspace operations.

From 2013 to 2015, Colonel Wills served as the J6 Deputy Director for Information Technology Services at the Pentagon, leading over 200 personnel. He managed a $50M IT infrastructure, directed a $61M annual budget, and coordinated JS IT service delivery with OSD, DISA, and NSA.

In a previous role, from 2012 to 2013, Wills served as an Action Officer supporting CJCS, and CC/S/A’s in conducting full spectrum operations with integrated C4 networks. Advised the Director C4/Cyber, J6/CIO on IT, enterprise services, and capabilities for a unified information environment. He advocated for filling capability gaps with current and future IT systems, ensuring interoperability, security, and mission effectiveness.

Wills has served in several operational and joint assignments. As a company grade officer, he served as HAWK Fire Direction Center, Stinger Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS), Chaparral, Avenger Platoon Leader, and Battalion Adjutant (S-1) with the 3rd Battalion 1st Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Regiment and 2nd Battalion 2nd ADA Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas. He served as the Assistant Battalion Operations Officer (S-3) with the 4th Battalion 7th ADA Regiment, Fort Lewis, Washington. This demonstrated his exceptional versatility and unwavering dedication in various roles.

Wills continued to demonstrate his commitment to evolving military technologies by transitioning to Signal as a Functional Area 53 Systems Automation Officer. While serving as the Battle Command Battle Laboratories Automation Chief at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, he played a pivotal role in integrating cutting-edge automation systems into military operations.

Wills moved into field-grade officer roles and served as the Deputy to the V Corps Automation Management Officer in Heidelberg, Germany, solidifying his reputation as a strategic thinker and effective manager in military automation. His contributions extended to three Joint positions, where he significantly influenced network engineering and information technology services.

Col Wills showcased his commitment to service in both peace and war when he was deployed as a Lieutenant in support of Operation Sea Signal in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1994, followed by Operation Southern Watch in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, and later, Operation Iraqi Freedom assigned to the Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I) in 2003 and Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF)-7 in 2007.

Education-wise, he graduated from USMA in 1991. He earned a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from USAWC in 2012 and graduated from the National Defense University in 2014. Additionally, Col Wills holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Computer Resource Information Management from Webster University. He completed key military courses, including the USAWC, Command and General Staff Officers Course, Combined Arms and Services Staff School, and the Systems Automation Management Officers Course.

Colonel Wills’ family includes his wife Marisa and three children: Specialist (SPC) David Evan Wills, Alyssa Nicole Navarro, and Danielle Nicole Wills.

Accolades and decorations include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Army Superior Unit Award, Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon, and Parachutist Badge.

Colonel David Wills’ journey reflects a career marked by continuous pursuit of knowledge, exceptional service, and unwavering dedication to military excellence and strategic leadership.

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